What’s Your Excuse For Not Working Out?

No matter who you are and how dedicated to fitness you are, until you make working out a habit, it’s pretty tough to stick with an exercise program. There are so many reasons people fail to follow through with a workout program. You may think your excuse for not working out is legitimate, but once you take a closer look, you’ll find ways to work with it and get into the rhythm of exercising regularly. Once working out becomes a habit, just like brushing your teeth or showering, you’ll feel uncomfortable not doing it regularly.

One of the top reasons for not working out is lack of time.

Some of the busiest people in the world make time for exercise, primarily because they know it will make them more efficient and get more done the rest of the day. Everyone has the same 24 hours, what they do with it makes all the difference in the world. Your schedule may be more packed than other people, with demands on your time few can imagine. However, you can make time by breaking up the workout into manageable segments. Create workouts you can do any time, anywhere or ask your trainer to do it. When you have ten to fifteen minutes get moving. Do it three or four times a day. Walking at lunch, tracking your workout, putting it in your schedule or doing it early in the morning helps.

Staying with a plan, any plan, for working out seems impossible.

You may have tried before and failed to continue your workout. That can lead to a lot of self-doubt and disappointment. You don’t have to do it all at once. Start small by increasing how much you walk. Get a pedometer to count your steps. Put your workout in your planner and make it top priority. Don’t attempt to do too much too soon. You’ll be super sore and that is discouraging. Don’t try to do everything at once, such as lose weight or eat healthier when you’re starting a workout program. Focus just on working out.

You don’t know how to workout or where to start.

Procrastination often occurs when people aren’t comfortable with their knowledge and worry they’ll do all the wrong things. The good news is that there’s loads of help available. Whether you choose to use the services of a personal trainer or get advice and help from video or internet programs, help is always available.

  • You may think you can’t afford a personal trainer or gym. You’ll be amazed at how inexpensive it can be. We offer a triple training test drive that runs under $20 that can get you started.
  • You may be using your family responsibilities as your excuse. Sure, you do need to spend more time with the family, but that doesn’t mean it has to be in front of the TV. Get active with the kids or exercise at times they’re asleep, like early in the morning.
  • You may have problems maintaining your motivation. Track your progress. Set goals and reward yourself when you achieve them. Getting a workout buddy is also a way to stick to your workout plan and help them in the process.
  • You may really hate working out. Maybe that’s because you’ve never found the perfect exercise for you. If you’ve gone to the gym and moved from machine to machine with mind numbing obedience, you’ve missed a lot of fun. Get active with something you’ll enjoy and that will make you want to workout to have more energy to do even more.

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