What Happens When You Eat Too Much Sugar

Sugar is like the little girl in the vintage movie, The Bad Seed. It’s sweet and pleasing, but can create so many problems and even death once it gets inside you. Of course, it doesn’t occur from just one taste or even two. However, when you eat too much sugar, you’re setting your body up for a number of conditions and illnesses that can create a lifetime of illness. Limiting your intake of sugar and sugary products has no drawbacks and only benefits. Here are a few of the conditions that too much sugar can cause.

Diabetes can alter your life and in some cases, doesn’t have to happen.

Not all diabetes comes from eating wrong. In fact, the cause of type I diabetes, often called juvenile diabetes, still isn’t fully known. However, there are thousands of cases of diabetes that simply don’t have to happen. The increase of consuming sugar has gone up dramatically in the past few decades, so has the increase in diabetes. One research project followed over 310, 000 participants showed that the increase in drinking soft drinks attributed to this rise. High fructose corn syrup has invaded many of the foods on the shelf to add to the increased sugar intake. No matter what you call it, it’s sugar and you can get too much of a good thing.

Weight gain and obesity come from too much sugar in your diet.

America has fought the good fight against smoking and now it’s no longer the leading cause of preventable death, obesity is. Any time there’s a preventable death, it’s one death too many, regardless of the cause. You’ll pound on extra calories without reaping any of the benefits you get from whole foods, such as extra nutrients and protein when you eat sugary products. They don’t even provide a feeling of fullness in some cases. In fact, one study completed shows that high fructose corn syrup—HFCS—can actually stimulate part of the brain to make you feel hungry.

Liver failure can come from excess sugar, particularly HFCS.

High doses of sugar makes the liver overwork, creating a stress response and inflammation. Too much sugar in the system can actually cause liver failure. Excess fructose plays a huge role in fatty liver disease not caused by alcohol. That causes fat to accumulate in the liver, even though there’s no alcohol abuse. In most cases, people who have this problem often have twice the intake of soft drinks than the average person. It may not have complications, but when it does, can cause liver scarring and may even lead to liver failure.

  • Your dentist will tell you that sugar is the cause of cavities. The bacteria in your mouth feed on sugar and release an acid that attacks teeth.
  • Sugar can cause leptin resistance. Leptin tells you when you’re full. With Leptin resistance, your body never receives that message.
  • Too much sugar can cause you to be cranky. It elevates the blood sugar and insulin levels. That spike can give you a huge burst of energy, but also results in a super low that leaves you tired and cranky.
  • High intake of sugar is linked to heart disease, cholesterol problems, dementia and Polycystic ovarian syndrome in addition to those diseases already mentioned.

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