Week of 3/16/2020: Important COVID-19 Information

Check Out the Measures We Are Taking to Protect Our Clients.

  1. We Will Remain Open! To help keep you safe during this time, LI LIVE Health Club is taking extra safety precautions. We will be providing ample hand sanitizer and disinfecting wipes for mats and equipment. The entire facility is being cleaned multiple times daily. The cryotherapy lounge, bathrooms and infrared sauna are all being disinfected after each use. We use a very strong disinfectant called Anti-3 Protect Series that effectively kills COVID-19. You can find more information about it on their website or amazon.com. Social distancing is being practiced as needed.
  2. What Conditions Will Cause Us To Close? These conditions include: A.If a client contacts us to inform us they have the virus. (We will not disclose your name to the community) or B.If the government shuts us down. We are going to do our best to stay open for everyone and provide that safe environment.
  3. Stay Active with At-Home Workouts Available Starting Tuesday. If you are a member/have a fitness package with us, you will be receiving free videos of at-home workouts as an option for those preferring to stay in or have children home. We will be sending these out for the remainder of the month and re-assess the need as April approaches. Exercises will include bodyweight and resistance training you can do with dumbbells or household objects. If you are a VIP/One-On-One Training Client interested in working out from home, simply reach out to us for your customized workouts.
  4. Stay Home if You Don’t Feel Well. If you’re feeling unwell or sick, you and the community will benefit from you staying home and resting, or doing the at-home workouts. If your children aren’t feeling well, please don’t bring them to the gym.
  5. Small Group Training/Class Times May Be Implemented Next Week. We may restrict attendance during busy hours with a class schedule. This will limit the amount of people in the gym at a time to 3 or 4. We will give more information once we determine if this is necessary.
  6. For Cryotherapy Clients Whose Gyms Have Closed: You can try out our gym or sign up for the at-home workouts we are doing. We are offering a FREE week. Fill out our contact form on the homepage or give us a call at 631-670-7170. Should this situation continue beyond the week, you can continue online or in person for $15/week.

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