Set Some Healthy Goals

No matter what your desire when it comes to fitness, you need to set healthy goals first. Setting goals help you then identify the steps to reach that goal. The goals should be clear and concise. They should address your primary fitness need. It doesn’t have to be about weight loss; smoking cessation, improved strength, flexibility or endurance and healthier eating might be other ones to address. Whether your doctor suggested the goal or you just decided it for yourself, it should be important to you and you should know the reason why.

Make your goals specific.

Rather than say, “I want to lose weight,” make it more specific, such as “I will lose 20 pounds.” The goal to exercise more isn’t specific enough, but if you identify the type of exercise and the amount of time spent, such as working out with a trainer for 45 minutes three times a week, you’ll know exactly what you have to do to achieve it.

You need to be able to measure the goal.

If eating healthier is your goal, tell how you’re going to do it, so it’s measurable. Maybe you’ll eliminate all but whole foods from your diet or lower your caloric intake each day. You need to be more specific about the second suggestion and name the amount calories you’ll eat, such as 1200 calories. The more specific your goal, the easier it is to know whether you’ve achieved it.

Make your goal attainable and realistic.

If you have a broken leg, running daily certainly isn’t attainable. If there’s no gym in your area or even close to you, going to the gym isn’t either. Make sure it’s feasible to do what you hope to achieve. By the same notion, keeping your goal realistic is also important. You can’t shed 100 pounds in a month by just diet and exercise—or in any other safe manner. That goal is totally unrealistic and a goal of a two to three pound weight loss per week may be the answer.

Make sure you can track your goals. If it’s weight loss, weighing in a specific periods is how to track it. For increased fitness, track your progression as you workout. Personal trainers do this for you.

Give yourself a break if you have a set back and don’t condemn yourself. Just start back on track to your goal. You should be your own best cheerleader. Nothing is achieved by condemning yourself.

If you find your goal is too easy or too hard, make adjustments so you can make the most progress.

Break big goals down to smaller attainable goals to get success along the way.

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