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    “My man wade always makes it a great class, you get the right push non-stop. You can always count me in for a class.”

    Edwin Smart

    “LI Live employs a unique approach to fitness which defies the ‘business as usual’ mindset. The workouts are constantly changing which challenges your body and your mind. There is no boredom and no judgment. If you are looking to break a sweat, lose a pound, or get moving, LI Live will accommodate. I have some personal struggles with my knees recently and the workouts are specifically tailored to my situation. I go, I sweat and I do no damage. Just what I need.

    And then there is the cryotherapy. There is only one single word to describe the intensity of the cold, the benefit on the body, and the value offered by LI Live, and that one word is YES. A positive affirmation of praise. As the saying goes, ‘just do it'”


    “A special gym experience that brings out all of your special/unique qualities. LI Live has a motivating & accepting environment & you’ll feel totally comfortable. Wade is one of the best people I know; he brings out the best in everyone he works with & his energy is inspiring!”


    “LI Live is really just an amazing environment filled with positive and motivating vibes!! I get the best workout ever! The workouts are based on the individuals strengths and goals. Truly an amazing experience that will keep u Going all week!!”

    Laura W.

    “MY number 1 spot for Cryotherapy!! If you are someone who is in pain, please try this out – I was ejected from a car in a motor vehicle accident over 15 years ago; Pain just became part of my life – cryotherapy was life-changing. Thank you to Wade and staff for always creating a welcoming and clean environment.”

    Danielle C.

    “Absolutely amazing. Staff is super friendly and outgoing. Very professional, yet friendly atmosphere.”

    Sean Larkin

    “Wade and Lauren are incredible trainers they help you get in shape and inspire you to be the best you that you can be” 

    Joe F.

    “LI Live is the best place to get fit I’ve been to… Love them!”

    Michael Caspare Jr.

    “I love love love this place. The people that work there and the people that work out there are amazing. The vibe is friendly and not at all competitive.”


    “A truly unique gym experience, i’d reccomend li live to anyone. Whether you want to start working out for self improvment or you want to step out of your comfort zone of your regular gyn routine and try something new, this is the place to be. Workouts are full body in design and are modified by an instructor to suite your needs. You get the attention and encouragment you would with hiring a personal trainer but in a team oriented enviornment, maintaining an “all in this together” mentality. Staff is excellent and creates a comfortable, no pressure environment. More gyms should function at this capacity.”


    “The most amazing gym out there. The trainers are ready for everyone as soon as they walk in the door with a great workout! Everyday focuses on a different body part, or the workout encompasses a full body experience, but no matter what when you walk in you know the workout will be challenging. The trainers always tailor the workout to my needs, making exercises more challenging or modifying it as needed. The atmosphere is wonderful- not competitive, welcoming and everyone is so nice to one another. Members who don’t even know one another encourage each other to get through the workout! It is a wonderful community to be a part of! Hands down the best gym on Long Island!!”


    “Amazing gym! Wade and everyone else there are so helpful! Best place around!”


    “This place is the real deal, I’ve never met a more helping and dedicated group of people. They won’t just help you achieve a healthy body, but a healthy outlook on life as well. Very positive and welcoming atmosphere for all!”

    Mike Nicolello

    “My name is Maegan, I’m 26 years old. I’ve been training with Wade and Lauren for about a year and a half. LI LIVE has completely changed my life mentally, physically, and spiritually. The team at LI LIVE welcomes everyone with sincere care and compassion. They have educated me on many health conscious topics. The staff is very knowledgeable and aware of ways to modify workouts to meet my individual wants and needs. The atmosphere is fun and non-judgemental. They even have a personal comedian for the days you’re down. (Wade). Thanks LI LIVE!.

    New York Teacher

    “LI LIVE is an amazing place! I’ve been coming to this gym for almost two years and I am the strongest I have ever been. The staff is so fun and friendly. They motivate you and the time flies while you workout. The workouts are designed to get you in and out in thirty minutes. I have 3 kids at home, and it’s the perfect place to workout for me.”

    Samira, 37

    “Nothing compares to what one feels after cryotherapy. It is the perfect pre-workout motivation. Cryo is very welcome after a long day. It provides clarity and relaxation. Cryo has helped me reduce my overall inflammation and helped me sleep much calmer. I look forward to every session.”

    New York Teacher

    “Cryotherapy is amazing! Every session feels like I’m trading in my body for a completely new one. It reduces inflammation in my knee and helps me recover better when I train.”

    Lou H
    Muay Thai Fighter

    “Such a unique experience to have workouts adapted to your needs with an inspirational coach guiding you every step of the way. Wade’s motivation and enthusiasm makes me feel I can finally make time for myself with the thirty minute workouts”


    “I Came in for cryo, feeling a little down and unmotivated due to a knee injury… coming into this gym definitely made my day, great people, great motivation, all around good vibes, I’ll definitely be back!”

    Crossfit Athlete

    “Coach Wade is awesome!! He can work with high-level athletes and couch potatoes looking to get back in shape. Looking forward to him working with my fighters and me in future.”

    Kickboxing Coach

    “Get cryo there all the time and the staff has amazing energy and always there to answer questions. If you want to be in a non-toxic environment to better your mind, body, and soul then I recommend 100%”

    Real Estate Agent

    “If you want to be challenged this is the place for you.”

    Rayquane Alexander
    Mixed Martial Arts Fighter