Reset Your Hormones

If you’re struggling with your weight and it seems that no matter what you try, you still keep gaining, you may need to reset your hormones. When your hormones are out of whack it can affect more than just your weight. It can affect all parts of your life. It can make you crabby even when everything is going your way and create a block to intimate relations by affecting your sex drive. Getting started on a program can be tough, since out of balance hormones can cause exhaustion and that lack of energy can block your attempts to get a fix.

Try a 21 day reset diet before you start on hormone therapy.

Sara Gottfried, a gynecologist, wrote a book called The Hormone Reset Diet. She says you can reset your hormones in 21 days. You have a number of different hormones and each requires a different approach to balance out correctly. If you want to reset your estrogen level, a hormone often responsible for weight gain, cut out meat and alcohol for a 21 days and you’ll see a difference. It lowers the production of certain bacteria in your body that stimulate the production of estrogen.

If your insulin levels are higher, it can cause problems with weight loss and insulin resistance.

Go for 21 days without any sugar. That includes artificial sweeteners, honey and any other sugary product. Since sugar is hidden in so many products, eating whole foods or preparing your own so you know the ingredients, can help you tremendously. You’ll be surprised that after 21 days, your desire for sugar will diminish.

Get adequate sleep.

You may be pushing yourself too much and find that the stress causes you to lay in bed for hours without getting sleep. Maybe the bedroom is a bit too warm and the higher temperature is keeping you awake. Sleep is extremely important for the production of the hormone leptin. Leptin helps control appetite and is essential in weight control. You need at least seven to nine hours of sleep to maximize its production. Keep your room cool. One trick to help you fall asleep faster is to leave one foot out from under the covers.

  • Cut out caffeine. That includes several headache remedies you may need for that caffeine withdrawal headache. It lowers cortisol levels.
  • Another way to lower cortisol levels without the caffeine free headache is to workout and burn off the cortisol the body created.
  • Go grain free for 21 days to reset your thyroid. Try alternatives to grain products like coconut flour and see if it makes a difference. Sometimes gluten can trick the body and cause problems.
  • Resist sweets with a homemade alternative. Chopped dried figs can cure a sweet tooth, especially when mixed with pumpkin seeds and a bit of dark chocolate (the kind that’s 75% cocoa).

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