Quit Your Soda Habit

If you’re having problems losing weight and can’t figure it out, because everything you eat is healthy and low in calories. Maybe the problem isn’t with what you eat, but with the liquid you drink. Do you have any soft drinks throughout the day? While sugar soft drinks are worse, even diet sodas can cause problems. In order to be your healthiest and in most cases, lose those extra pounds, you need to quit your soda habit.

Soft drinks contain sugar and other addictive substances.

Some studies show that sugar is addictive as cocaine. It provides that rush that gives you a boost, even though it has the side effect of a sugar low later. That’s just the start of how it affects you and your cravings. It also contains caffeine, especially drinks like Mountain Dew or colas. That adds to the extra pep you feel and makes it even harder to give up sugar. Sugar also contains a large amount of phosphorus. Phosphorus leaches the bones of calcium. It can also create calcium deposits in your lungs, blood vessels, eyes and heart.

You might think the answer is switching to diet soft drinks, but you’d be wrong.

There are newer studies that show that diet drinks may add to your waistlines and increase visceral fat, the worst type of fat that crowds your organs. A study in the Journal of the American Geriatrics Society equated waistline measurements with the amount of diet soda consumed. It studied seniors and found the more diet soda consumed, the higher the waistline measurement. The bigger the person was, the bigger the increase was. One reason may be from the way the brain identifies the sweetness in the diet drink and prepares the body for the sugar it’s about to consume. When it doesn’t arrive, it disrupts the creation of the hormone that tells you to quit eating.

Cut out soft drinks and switch in water or other healthy drink.

Unsweetened green tea, coffee, water, it doesn’t matter, they’re all sugar free and better than coffee. Green tea is actually good for you, so is coffee in moderation. These are drinks you can substitute for soda, but it won’t be easy. Switch off soft drinks slowly if you want to make it easier or drink a substantial amount daily. Substitute a quarter of what you consume with healthier drinks, then substitute half of that and finally give it up entirely. Go as fast or slow as you want, but do it!

  • When you’re trying to eat healthy and tracking your food, calories or carbs, don’t forget to include what you drink. It’s just as important and the body doesn’t differentiate between liquid or solid calories.
  • Drinking soft drinks can speed up the process of aging. Keeping that in mind should help you give it up, because, seriously, who wants to look older than they are?
  • Keep water with you at all times when you’ve given up soda for good, at least at first. Sip on the water to quench your thirst. If it’s not enough, maybe you need a bit of energy. Grab some fresh fruit to do that.
  • Consider the ingredients in diet soft drinks if you’re still trying to get rid of that habit. Most of these ingredients are made in the lab and the body wasn’t created to digest them. They affect your brain functions by impersonating food and confuse the body signals.

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