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If you’ve recently decided to get fit and use a personal trainer, you’ll find there’s a wide variety of personal trainers in Long Island. Some use traditional methods, others use all modern technology and a few use a combination of the two, keeping the good techniques that have always worked and combining them with the latest in modern physiology techniques. You can choose any one of them and still end up getting fitter, because doing something is always better than allowing indecision to stop you from getting started. Many people find that trainer’s who use a holistic approach to fitness, which means providing the latest in nutritional discoveries, fitness techniques and even some other scientific discoveries, get the best overall results because they’re using a multi-level approach.

A personal trainer doesn’t use a cookie cutter approach, but creates an individualized program.

Before you start working out, no matter what trainer you choose, the personal trainer learns about you. He or she will learn your goals, special needs—such as physical limitations like back problems—and assess your overall fitness in all areas; balance, strength, endurance and flexibility. Only then does the trainer design a program that will be hard, but still safely within your ability.

Holistic trainers also inquire about your diet and other habits.

What you eat makes a difference and how you process that food does too. Eating healthy provides the nutrition to build a stronger body from the inside out. It shows in more than just your silhouette and the amount of weight you carry. It shows in the quality of your skin, hair and overall demeanor. It’s the building blocks for every cell in the body. Sometimes, no matter how healthy you eat, you still don’t get enough nutrition. There are two reasons for that happening. One is the quality of fresh fruits and veggies today. Because of farming practices and the reduction of nutrients in the soil. The second is how your body processes those foods, reducing the intake of the available nutrients and requiring supplementation for optimal health.

There are also trainers that combine sports with the workout to add variety and fun.

Whether it’s kickboxing, swimming, yoga, running or other athletic endeavor, the sport can be fun and challenging, while still aiding you toward optimal fitness. Some trainers use these sports to provide a workout that’s fun or vary the workout routine. If you aren’t a huge fan of doing the same old thing to get fitness results, find a trainer that offers both a workout program and a sport as a supplement.

  • Some trainers use the latest technology for holistic fitness, such as whole body cryotherapy.
  • Find a trainer you can work with comfortably. One way to do it is to sign up for a boot camp, which gives you a sampling of whether you’ll like working with the trainer, but at a low cost.
  • Holistic trainers look at all aspects of your life, from the amount of water you drink daily to the amount of sleep you get. That can give you a boost to get healthy and fit faster.
  • Exercise is a stress buster. It burns off the hormones of stress and puts your body back into optimal mode. If you live a stressful life, sometimes nutritional supplementation is also important.

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