Motivation and Exercising at Home


We have been stuck at home for about half of 2020. Not being able to go to the gym can make staying motivated for your fitness goals pretty difficult. Being at home is distracting, and some of us don’t have much space to move about.

Gyms have been opening up again at limited capacity in New York since September. Some people couldn’t wait to go back and were lining up at the door on reopen day. However, there are definitely some of us who either can’t stand the idea of having to wear a mask while exercising, or still don’t feel safe being in public places.

So how does one stay motivated while working out at home? It’s understandable to feel discouraged by your at-home situation. You might not have that space to be with yourself or working out with your friends anymore, or maybe your dog wants to join in on every workout you try to do at home. Let’s check out some ways that can make your less-than-ideal situation something you can actually look forward to again.

1. Make Your Space.

Is there any way you can make your workout space a little more exciting or easy to move around in? If there’s furniture you can easily move around before and after, go for that. Play music or put in a pair of comfy headphones. Let your household members know that one hour out of the day, you would like to have the area to yourself. Any little changes you can make to give the space a little more of an energetic or spacious feel, I recommend you go for it!

2. Give Yourself a Plan.

It’s hard to get very far without some kind of exercise plan. Having a plan based on your goals will help lead you to results. Try to challenge yourself to do something other than the same exercises every time. Sit down for 15-20 minutes and plan out your workouts for the upcoming month. Having it all laid out for you will make it easier to jump right in.

3. Make a Schedule

Whether you’re working around a crazy work schedule, or you’re able to workout the same 3 days a week at the same time, putting it in writing will make it far more likely to commit to it.

4. Work Out with Your Friends on Zoom

If you had a friend or two you would go to the gym with before the shutdown, reach out to them and try a workout session over Zoom. You can all be doing the same thing or your own exercises. The cool thing about this is that no matter what you decide to do, you can spend some time talking with your friends and being social. This has a similar effect on your commitment as working out with a buddy in person.

5. Wear the Clothes You’d Wear to the Gym

It can be tempting to work out in the same sweats you’ve been wearing at home all day, or even your street clothes if they have a little give/stretch to them. Instead, change into the clothes that you wear to the gym. It keeps you to the routine that you had gotten used to.

6. The Internet is Super Helpful!

Even if you don’t want to spend the money on online workout classes or on-demand videos, you will find hundreds of thousands of free resources. YouTube has a wealth of free exercise routines from strength training to pilates or yoga. Find yourself a reputable channel with good ratings to get these from that will show you proper form.

7. Get Yourself an Online Personal Trainer or Custom Training Program from LI LIVE!

Personal trainers have made their way to the virtual realm in the last few years. This method has skyrocketed in popularity the past few months. LI LIVE Health Club offers one-on-one sessions via Zoom, as well as custom monthly programs that you can do on your own. Our trainers are able to help you with a variety of goals, equipment situations and schedules. E-mail for more information!

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