Kickboxing For Fitness

Kickboxing is a form of self defense that provides many other benefits. It’s an exceptional way to boost your confidence and fitness at the same time. Here in Commack, it’s part of the fitness program, because of its benefits for health and fitness. It’s fun, for starters, so it gives more incentive to stick with a workout program and keeps clients coming back when they otherwise might quit. It certainly beats doing just a workout and keeps everyone more focused and involved. No matter how effective the workout, there are no benefits if it’s skipped.

Kickboxing works all parts of the body.

You’ll get a full body workout when you’re doing kickboxing. It works all muscles in the body whether your doing drills or in the ring. It strengthens the core muscles, which boosts your functional fitness and builds synergy with moves using multiple muscles, tendons and joints. There’s no upper body day and lower body day, because every day you participate, you get a full body workout, strength training, endurance and flexibility training.

It hits all areas of fitness.

If you run, you’re working on your endurance and cardio. If you lift weights, of course, it’s strength. Yoga and stretches improve flexibility, but Kickboxing helps all those areas of fitness, plus improves balance. It’s been proven that HIIT—high intensity interval training—can improve your endurance far more quickly than solid state running. HIIT means you go at top speed for a as little as 10 seconds, then spend an equally long or longer recovery period at normal exertion. That sounds like kickboxing, doesn’t it? You’ll build strength with the kicks, while boosting your balance and flexibility.

Kickboxing promotes functional fitness.

Functional fitness is the way the body’s muscles, tendons and joints all work together to successfully perform the activities of daily living without injury and with ease. It focuses on multi-muscle use, core strength from abdominal and lower back muscles. Everyday movements aren’t anything like traditional gym movements. They tend to be more chaotic, requiring the body to make muscles work together to perform certain tasks. Kickboxing is a true functional fitness workout.

  • Kickboxing promotes self-confidence. One of the reasons many people fail at getting fit is their self-control and failure to follow through with a healthy diet and a program of exercise. This confidence building sport helps boost that self-control and promotes success.
  • The more involved in kickboxing you become, the more you’re aware of your body and its needs. People often find they start taking better care of their health, eating healthier and getting adequate sleep as they progress.
  • Kickboxing helps you burn off the hormones of stress. Stress hormones, such as cortisol, can cause harm to the body if they continue to build without being burned off by flight or fighting.
  • Practicing kickboxing builds energy levels. The more energy you have, the more physical activities you’ll do and the more exercise you’ll get.

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