How To Stick To Your Workout Plan

No matter how well you’ve laid out your workout plan and new healthy diet you have to stick to your workout plan and actually eat the foods you’ve planned to eat. Staying healthy is more than just planning to be healthy or thinking about how you’ll exercise to get fitter. In fact, many people spend hours looking for the perfect workout, rather than actually doing any exercise. The truth is, spending that time doing something physical, like walking, would do them more good unless they actually do one of the workouts they found.

Sticking with your workout program starts by creating goals.

You have to know why you want to get fitter, then use that information to create goals. Once you have the goals with a time frame set, add what you need to do each day to reach your goals. Knowing why you want to lose weight is as important as setting goals. It should be a reason that really motivates you, not one that someone else suggested or you thought might please another person. If your doctor said you need to lose weight or you’ll die, the thought of dying to soon, not the doctor telling you to lose weight, is probably the motivator.

Make it easy on yourself to stick to your goals.

If working out is part of your fitness goal, make it part of your schedule. You shouldn’t just try to fit it in when you can or you’ll never do it. You’ll be more apt to keep an appointment with the gym than go when you have time. If you’re changing your eating habits, plan ahead. Create a menu for the week, list all the items you need and do all your shopping at once. Prepare the meals ahead of time as much as you can and have them ready for the oven. Make enough to freeze some for the next week. You’ll be less tempted to get carryout or eat junk food for dinner.

Get a workout buddy.

One reason personal trainers get better results is that their clients view them as an appointment. You can get the same results with a workout buddy. When you know you have to meet with someone, you’re more likely to go and less likely to cancel. It not only holds you accountable for your own fitness, it makes you more responsible for them achieving their goals, too.

  • If your world is turned upside down and you simply can’t find the time for a full workout, break it down to mini workouts that are at least ten minutes. Studies show that a ten minute workout several times a day gets the same results as a longer one.
  • Do something. Don’t let a day go by without doing something extra to boost your fitness level. Maybe it’s taking the stairs instead of the elevator or walking to lunch. Just do something.
  • Make daily tasks a workout. Put more elbow grease into your daily tasks. Washing windows can be a good upper body exercise when you do it with vigor. Run up and down the stairs when you’re doing laundry. Not only will you get your work done faster, you’ll get a workout, too.
  • If you’re going on vacation, plan to workout while you’re gone. Talk to your trainer to get exercises that you can do in your motel room. Strength training can be done with exercise bands that pack in a suitcase without taking much space.

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