How Stretching Exercises Help The Body

If you’ve ever put in a long day in front of a computer screen and then yawned as you stretched your body upward and your arms outward, you know it can bring a feeling of relief and shake off some the stress from the constant effort on the computer. Stretching exercises help the body in a number of ways, stress relief is just one of those. It’s a natural action that helps prepare the body for action, while also relaxing tense muscles.

You’ll increase your circulation when you stretch.

Watch a cat when it first gets up from a sleep. It reaches out and stretches every part of its body…and you should do the same. Stretching causes blood to flow to your extremities and increases circulation. That’s particularly important if you’ve suffered any muscle injuries. It also helps the body rid itself of waste products in the muscle tissue. It’s actually a natural reaction for humans when they first get up, to stretch before getting out of bed.

Stretching improves your range of motion.

Try to touch your toes. If you can on the first try, good for you. Most people need a few stretches toward their toes before they actually reach them. The more you stretch your muscles, the easier it is to do. Stretching improves your range of motion—no matter what your age! That helps prevent injuries from doing simple tasks, such as bending over to tie your shoes. It also makes those tasks easier. Even if you aren’t as limber as you were a few years ago, you can be. It’s just a matter of working on flexibility daily. Stretching is one way to do it.

Get rid of aches and pains as you improve your posture with stretching.

Your posture is extremely important when it comes to overall health, fitness and even appearance. People with a wider range of motion have a more youthful walk and demeanor. Improved posture also makes you look thinner. Stretching also helps prevent and even eliminate back pain, which often comes from poor posture. Better posture has many other benefits, such as deeper breathing and better digestion.

  • You’ll improve your coordination when you stretch. Since stretching helps increase the range of motion, that full range of motion can help improve your balance and aid in the prevention of falls. The older you get, the more important that becomes.
  • If your job involves sitting, take a few minutes every hour to thoroughly stretch. Some stretching exercises are extremely good for reducing lower back pain. You can also do these at home to reduce the probability of the pain even starting.
  • There are two types of stretching, static and dynamic. Static exercises are reaching and holding ones, like you might do in the morning, stretching your arms up toward the ceiling. Dynamic stretches include movement. Trunk rotations and arm circles are examples. These boost circulation. You need both.
  • Even though people often think that stretching is a good warm up, static stretching isn’t.You actually should do some dynamic stretching before you start stretching exercises, such as walking while pumping your arms gently. It helps avoid injury from pulled muscles.

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