Give The Gift Of Good Health This Year

Everyone has people on their list that are make it hard to find the perfect gift. They might seem like they have everything. One thing you can’t get too much of is a gift that promotes good health. We have so many options from which to choose, there’s something for everyone at LI LIVE Holistic Empowerment. Many of the gifts from here can help make changes that last a lifetime.

Give them a chill pill in cryotherapy form.

Cryotherapy is relatively new. It’s been adopted by many professional athletes as their preferred form of handling injuries. It’s quick and effective and doesn’t leave you sitting uncomfortably in a bathtub filled with ice for hours. Besides handling injuries and chronic pain, cryotherapy has other benefits. It uses super cooled dry air to trigger the body’s natural healing abilities and has been used for improved production of collagen, reducing cellulite, improved cell regeneration, reducing joint pain, weight loss, a more glowing complexion and stronger hair and nails. Best of all, it’s amazing and your gift recipient will be able to tell people they not only survived a 2to 3 minutes at a -240 degrees Fahrenheit, they also loved the experience and felt great afterward.

Consider a gift certificate.

We’re more than a gym, we’re an experience that focuses on good health. We have a center to detox and de-stress that includes the Infrared Sauna that can help take away all the hassles of the day and available for members. Your gift can be used at the Lightening Bar for smoothies or other healthy drinks. The Health Shop can be another place to help your special someone find exactly what they need for a healthier life, even if it’s just healthy snacks.

Since we’re like no other health club, a gift membership will be a unique gift.

You can give your special someone three personal training sessions for under $20. It comes with all the bells and whistles, including time in the Infrared Sauna, unlimited fresh cold alkaline water, dreamscaping, a wholistic coach and HIIT training. We have something for everyone here at a wide variety of prices to fit almost any budget.

  • Your special someone will find a type of exercise they’ll love. We use calisthenics, bodyweight exercises, training based on yoga and pilates and even kickboxing training.
  • Make it a special gift for a wife, husband or significant other. Go with your special person and workout, too. It boosts the sex drive, so it’s good to go together.
  • You don’t have to come to the gym to give a gift of good health. Get all the equipment for a new hobby, like biking, hiking or rock climbing. Anything active will keep you and yours healthier.
  • Remember, it doesn’t matter how expensive the gift is, it should enrich your loved one’s life. It’s even better if the gift involves you spending more time with them. The holidays should be a time to appreciate all the caring and love that’s given throughout the year.

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