Functional Fitness Working Out For Real Life Situations

Of course, injuries do occur from traumatic situations like major automobile accidents, but many injuries, especially back injuries, occur doing every day types of things. It may be bending over to tie your shoelace that drops you to the floor or picking up the baby that leaves a painful back condition. That’s where functional fitness training helps. Here in Commack, we provide a wide variety of exercises each workout and most will help boost muscle synergy to improve your functional fitness.

Some regular workouts mimic difficult every day tasks.

When you’re working around the house, you’re often not lifting straight up as you might when lifting weights, but bending to the side or lifting with one arm and the other to your side. Working around the house involves several muscle groups and joints, which is what functional fitness training also does. Think about the movements you’d make if you washed the glass on a full glass storm door. You’d be reaching, bending and making your arm go in circular motion. You might even do a squat or lunge. Training for those types of movements is what functional fitness is all about. It gets your body ready to move on a number of planes.

Too many people avoid exercise for fear of injuring themselves.

One reason for many back problems is weak abdominal muscles and weak back muscles. Those are core muscle groups, which is addressed with functional fitness training. Many of the functional fitness exercises are full body workouts that not only improve strength, flexibility and endurance, they also help messaging to and from the brain to create synergy throughout the body, so your muscles and joints all work together. Using functional fitness workouts can aid in relieving back pain and preventing future injury.

Functional fitness workouts can build strength, flexibility and endurance, while also helping you to lose weight.

No matter what type of exercises you use, if you workout regularly and eat healthy, you’re bound to shed extra weight, lose fat and build muscles. While many exercises can be functional fitness exercises, all functional fitness workouts can help you lose weight. These workouts also improve your posture, which makes you look thinner and gives an appearance of confidence.

  • You’re never too old for functional fitness training. In fact, it’s perfect for seniors. It can help prevent falls and keep them living unassisted for longer.
  • You may already be doing functional fitness exercises. Squats, lunges, pull-ups, a sled push or pull and a jump squat are just a few examples that you probably already have in your program.
  • There’s a lot of low impact functional training that makes it good for beginners and seniors. It can help keep them independent longer.
  • Functional fitness workouts also help relieve stress on the joints and joint pain, which can increase the desire and ability to workout even more.

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