Exercises To Build Your Core

Exercises to build your core work on your midsection. The core is all the muscles in that part of the body. These muscles are stabilizer muscles for the whole body, so they’re very important. They include the traverse abdominis, obliques, erector spinae and lower lats. Training these muscles help all the muscles in the lower back, pelvis, abdomen and hips work in together. That helps you maintain stability and balance. It’s not only muscles you use during sports, but also during daily activities. In fact, most workouts that aren’t for the arms or legs are core workouts.

Try a balance ball.

The balance/stability ball is a great way to do core training. In fact, it’s twice a effective as most floor exercises, since it work more muscles in a variety of ways in the same workout time. It also helps tone other muscles in the body while you’re working on your core muscles, plus it improves your balance, posture, flexibility and coordination. A balance ball walkout—sitting on your knees with your arms on the ball and moving it forward and bringing it back—tests your balance and works your core muscles in ways you’ll notice immediately.

Workout with a kettlebell.

Kettlebell training works the core muscles, while burning tons of calories. It’s a total body trainer that hits all areas of fitness; strength, flexibility, endurance and balance. You need to start with a lower weight kettlebell to learn the right moves, then slowly move to heavier ones. Once you start, you’ll watch your belly flatten make the love handles disappear and have less back pain. There are a number of moves a few are the rack, the swing and the push press. Get training to learn the right way to use kettlebells.

Do floor mat exercises and calisthenics.

If you don’t want to bother with lots of equipment, just get a floor mat and try these exercises. There are many good exercises that help build the core muscles. A few of these include crunches and reverse crunches, TRX fallouts, hanging leg-raises and of course planks and hiplifts. Besides building core strength, these help flatten your belly, improve your posture and can help prevent back pain.

  • No matter what type of core exercises you do, learning to do them right and doing the exercises are the two most important things to get great results. Doing kettlebells, balance ball or floor mat exercises will all get your core muscles into shape.
  • No matter how much you workout doing core exercises, if you’re overweight, that six pack won’t show. Core exercises won’t take off weight in just one area, but the extra calories you burn will help you lose weight all over your body.
  • Strong core muscles can help prevent injury from doing simple every day things, like lifting a grocery bag. It also improves balance to help prevent falls. It’s important to people of all ages.
  • Strong core muscles are important to your internal organs and central nervous system, too. They also protect large veins and arteries.

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