Exercises That Require No Equipment

I became a personal trainer because I care about people and want to help them stay or get healthy. That’s one reason I create these blogs and also why I include exercises that require no equipment, for those that don’t have a trainer or gym and for my clients when they’re unable to come or are out of town. There’s a lot reasons people workout at home. They may be strapped for cash or unable to get to a gym. If funds are a problem that’s even more reason to help with no equipment workouts.

Sure you may not have gym equipment, but that doesn’t mean you don’t have equipment.

You can do loads of workouts without barbells, weights or fancy machines. You can use a chair for equipment with exercises that build strength. Grip the sides of the chair and use your arms to lift yourself off it with your thighs at 90 degrees to your body. Deep dips, a modified squat and other exercises use a chair, too. Want weights, don’t buy them. Fill plastic milk bottles or large detergent bottles with water or sand to substitute for weights. Adjust the amount of sand or water as you build muscle strength.

Return to an old favorite, bodyweight exercises.

Long before the treadmill was created, bodyweight exercises were used to build endurance strength and flexibility. Best of all, these exercises don’t require any special equipment. If you’re doing push ups, deep knee bends, pistol squats or lunges, you only need an exercise mat and that’s just if you choose to use one.

Make exercise part of your daily life.

Do you have a precocious toddler, baby or a family pet that demands attention? Make them part of the workout. You don’t have to worry about a toddler interfering or getting into trouble when they become the weight you hold doing squats. Your cat will love the extra attention, but be careful when lifting them over your head. They aren’t always cooperative. Put elbow grease and speed into daily tasks like cleaning or washing windows. Become a speed demon doing them or turn them into an HIIT routine.

  • If you want to include some exercise equipment that doesn’t cost much but provides a great deal of benefit, consider resistance bands that run under $20. Chin up bars are another inexpensive addition.
  • Get a workout buddy to join you in your workout. They don’t even have to workout with you, just check in with you to see how you’re coming. Reporting to someone, while they report to you, can increase the likelihood of staying on track.
  • Walking is a great workout, particularly if you make it a high intensity interval—HIIT—walk. That’s when you walk at top speed for a while, have a recovery speed at a moderate pace and then back to high speed.
  • In order to get the most from your workouts, you need to combine them with healthy eating.

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