Do You Have A Fitness Routine

A healthy diet is part of getting healthy, but so is a fitness routine. By a fitness routine, I don’t mean repeating the same exercises for months, but a scheduled time for exercise and plans for healthy eating. The body needs both nutrients and exercise to be its best and to leave you looking and feeling your best. While eating healthy provides nutrients, plus cuts calories, a workout routine will help build your muscle tissue, which boosts weight loss efforts. That’s because it builds muscle tissue and that burns more calories than fat tissue does. Effectively, it boosts your metabolism, while whittling off inches.

Consistency is the key to getting healthier.

Seriously, you won’t get healthier with one salad or one push-up. It’s a start, but not enough if you’re not eating healthy every meal or working out consistently. That’s why the word “routine” is so important. If you’re not working with a personal trainer or in a group program, you may not be certain that you’re working on all areas of the body and ensuring you’re getting all forms of exercise, balance, flexibility, strength and endurance. That’s one reason working with a trainer makes it easier. The other reason is that it promotes that consistency and keeps your workout in your schedule. No matter how great the workout, if you don’t do it, you won’t get the benefits you hope to reap.

If you’re working out on your own, create two programs to start.

It’s hard to know where to begin when you’re first working out. Running may be good for endurance, but it certainly won’t build strength or flexibility. Doing body weight exercises and pumping iron is important for strength and you can modify it to boost endurance, but there’s no flexibility training. You need all types of workouts for overall health. Strength training helps build muscle tissue, reduces the risk for osteoporosis and helps shed weight. Flexibility training builds your range of motion and helps prevent injury and endurance is definitely heart healthy. All three are necessary and all three must be done safely within your ability, but still stretch you to achieve your maximum. That’s where trainers help.

Once you get into a routine, you have to vary the exercises you do.

Getting into a routine of exercising regularly is half the battle. Once you find the workout that is best for you and the best scheduling of that exercise time, it’s time to start thinking about varying the routine. If you don’t vary your workout, you’ll find you plateau. Plateauing comes from the body’s reduced need for calories due to weight loss and it becoming more efficient at the workout. That means it burns fewer calories. Start preparing for this by creating other workouts to do that provide variety.

  • Consider ways to make working out more fun. Include things like dancing, swimming and maybe even martial arts as part of your exercise regimen. Group sessions can also be fun.
  • Be consistent in your workout, but also by eating healthy. Don’t worry about calories. Start simple by eliminating processed foods and eating more whole foods. You can improve on that as you go.
  • Remember, you don’t have to have the perfect workout to get benefits. While personal trainers often put together programs that work faster to get you in shape, any program of exercise, including walking, is far better than doing nothing at all.
  • Don’t forget to make the workout harder as you get fitter. Adding more weight to your lift, extra sets or a brisker pace increases the difficulty and helps you reach your maximum potential.

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