Define Your Fitness Roadmap

Getting fit is more than just walking a mile each day. It’s having the flexibility to bend over and pick up items and then stand up straight easily. It’s being able to easily lift a baby or your favorite pet…horses and large dogs excluded. It’s waking up in the morning and having the energy to look forward to the coming day. You need to define your fitness roadmap so you don’t focus on one area alone and ensure that the path you’re taking is the most direct to overall good health and vitality.

Taking measurements tells more than just how wide your waist and hips are.

You can learn a lot from simply taking measurements and adding them into the equation to get a better idea of your needs. For instance, your waist to hips ratio can help identify how much weight is carried around the stomach area, which is a better indicator of good health than just knowing your weight or body mass index—BMI. Fat around the waist or abdominal area tends to have a negative impact on good health. No matter what your ultimate goal, getting fit and in good health is a top priority before any other goals.

What’s your exact goal.

If you’ve ever watched Lucifer—the TV program, not the fallen angel—he has a knack for getting people to tell him everything by saying, “What do you really desire?” It’s a talent every personal trainer on the planet would love to have. While most clients tell trainers they want to look good, feel better, get fit or lose weight, most of them have a specific goal in their minds they either can’t clearly identify or are afraid to say for fear they’ll look silly. You don’t have to worry about that here. We want to know what your ultimate goals are so we can help you reach them. Don’t worry if they’re huge goals, we can break them down to steps. Do you want to fit into a much smaller size, be able to run a mile without stopping, or bulk up? We’ll help you get there.

Learn how to reach goals faster with our help.

You can drive for miles to reach a destination a few blocks away or go directly there if you have a roadmap. We create programs for you that lead directly to your destination the fastest. It takes more than just exercise to live a healthy lifestyle and achieve most fitness goals. It takes healthy eating, hydration and plenty of sleep, too. We look at your goals and overall lifestyle and help you in all areas, not just in the gym.

  • You have to know exactly where you are now to create an accurate map to your goals. Taking measurements of all kinds and logging the information is important.
  • Your roadmap should include measurable goals. Measurable goals are specific.
  • The goals you set should have a time frame for completion. I want to lose 10 pounds someday, just won’t make it for a goal. I want to lose 10 pounds in 30 days, has a specific time frame and is good.
  • Make sure your plan fits your ultimate goal. Even though you might need to lose weight, if your goal was to build your endurance, focusing on weight loss isn’t relative to your ultimate goal.

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