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There’s a new type of health aid that does more than just make you feel good; it makes you look good too. It is cryotherapy in Long Island NY. Cryotherapy uses liquid nitrogen cooled to as low as -274 degrees. It cools the air in a cryochamber and reduces the surface temperature of the skin to about 35 degrees. The brain immediately constricts the outer blood vessels and sends the blood to the inner core of the body. That prevents it from cooling and protects the organs. After three minutes in the cryochamber, the person using the therapy emerges, sending the blood rushing back to the extremities.

Cryotherapy was started in Japan in 1978.

This type of treatment was used in Japan to help bring relief to people with rheumatoid arthritis. However, when the concept arrived in Europe, it was expanded to deal with other types of pain. In fact, the increased circulation is extremely beneficial to help heal muscle injuries from athletics, speeding the healing process and relieving the pain at the same time. That made it very popular with professional athletes whose income depends on their body feeling good.

You’ll lose weight with cryotherapy.

Keeping your body warmer in such cold conditions can burn quite a few calories. In fact, one session in a cryochamber can burn as many as 500 to 800 calories each session. Not only is the effort to keep the body warm during the session a calorie burner, so is the body’s effort to warm back up again. It’s a great addition to a weight loss program.

You’ll look younger.

One of the advantages of the cryochamber is that it triggers the production of collagen. Collagen helps reduce the amount of wrinkles all over your body, but most importantly on the areas that are noticeable, like the face. It improves the resilience of the skin and the fat pads near the surface that make you look younger. While healthy eating and exercise help, they get a super boost with the cryochamber.

– Besides reducing pain, cryotherapy reduces inflammation and increases hormones that make you feel good. Both of which cause a reduction in pain and allow for a quicker recovery.

– Cryotherapy is extremely good if you want to eliminate cellulite. The increased circulation helps it disappear after just a few sessions.

– The increased circulation can help eliminate toxins from the system, while providing life giving oxygen and nutrition to all the cells of the body.

– Cryotherapy helps boost your energy level and can be a real performance enhancer when used on a regular basis.

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