Exercise Is Not an Excuse to Eat Junk

Exercise Is Not an Excuse to Eat Junk

While it might seem logical to some that exercise is not an excuse to eat junk food, not everyone follows that rule. I see it all the time. People workout vigorously and judiciously, only to leave the gym to have a beer and fried snack with the guys. While you can commend the workout ethic, you have to wonder about the logic of feeding your body junk when it’s done.

Your body needs healthy fuel.

Working out is a way to build endurance, strength and flexibility. All of those require that you that you have a nutritious diet to provide the building blocks necessary for good health. If your diet is primarily sugar products, you’ll see your blood sugar spike and then drop like a rock. That not only affects your overall health, it affects your ability to finish the workout. Building muscle tissue requires certain nutrients, most of which you won’t find in a jelly donut.

Fat will linger no matter how much you workout if you don’t eat healthy.

You’d have to spend 30 minutes of exercise to burn off the calories in a donut. That can slow your progress toward a thinner, healthier you. Most people who are eating junk don’t just stop at one donut a day but fill in the energy gaps that come from the giant spike in sugar levels of the donut, with other sweet treats. If two donuts or a donut and candy bar are in your diet, your hour of exercising results in ZERO gain. Throw in fries and a Big Mac and you’ll be working out and gaining weight at the same time, not to mention the havoc it plays with your health.

Exercising is just one healthy lifestyle.

Most people identify the health issues related to smoking, so it’s a good example to use. It’s easy to see how a smoker who wants to build endurance, but follows up the program with a cigarette or two could be sabotaging their efforts. The same is true with eating junk food after working out. It slows your progress and may even negate it entirely.

  • Start changing your diet slowly. Switch from soft drinks to water for one week. Decide not to eat a candy bar but choose an apple.
  • Eating the right type of food can improve not only the results but the quality of your workout. There are also studies that show timing your eating plus the food you eat give better results.
  • Eating junk increases the potential for nutritional deficiencies and plays a detrimental role in your longevity.
  • The food you eat helps or hinders your recovery after a workout. It helps sustain energy and boost your performance. When you want to live a healthy lifestyle, you need to look at all areas of your life from exercise and diet, to adequate sleep and unhealthy habits.