Benefits Of Walking

There’s a lot to see in Commack and no better way to see it than by walking, after all, the name Commack does mean “pleasant lands” in the language of the indigenous people, the Secatogue Native Americans. Seeing local attractions on foot allows you the chance to stop and explore and site things you might otherwise miss, like a mother duck with ducklings. You’ll get a chance to see local architecture and capture a glimpse of Mother Nature you might otherwise miss. However, there are other benefits of walking for your health and your body.

Get and stay healthier when you walk.

If you want to reduce the risk of diabetes, high cholesterol, heart disease and hypertension, you can do it effectively with walking. In fact, walking will also help you control those conditions if you already have them. You need to be aware of the pace when you walk, although any exercise, no matter what the pace, helps. When it comes to walking, a brisk pace is far better. It also helps improve your bone and muscle strength while boosting your mood. Don’t forget, you’ll be burning more calories when you walk, so it helps with weight loss, too.

Could walking be better than running?

While how in or out of shape you are will make a difference, you actually might be better walking than running. There are studies that show walking may actually be better for you, especially for heart health. A study published in Arteriosclerosis, Thrombosis, and Vascular Biology concluded that those who walked on a regular basis had better health than people who ran. If you’re running, don’t stop, especially if you enjoy it. However, for those who aren’t inclined to run, walking is a superior alternative.

Let walking get you started in a fitness program.

Too often I hear people who want to get fit, but fear they’re far too out of shape to start. While that’s just not true, since everyone has their own program based on their fitness, if you feel that way, start by walking. It builds your endurance and the more briskly you walk, the better. It also helps prevent osteoporosis, but does nothing for flexibility or upper body strength. To be the best you can be, a full body workout in all types of fitness is important, with walking being a great supplement.

  • Walking helps you lose weight, but the best technique is HIIT and strength training to do that. You can turn your walk into a HIIT workout by varying the speed of your walk.
  • You may think you don’t have time to schedule a walk on a regular basis. Consider these ideas instead. Walk to lunch, take the stairs or park further from your destination and walk to it.
  • You’ll get many benefits from walking, but not core strength or upper body strength that gives the sculpted, sexy look. Other training is necessary for that. If you start with walking, add other types of flexibility and strength training to look fabulous.
  • Just like any type of exercise, make sure you use the proper form when you walk. Check your posture and remind yourself to maintain good posture throughout the walk.

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