Avoid Fitness Burnout

If you find yourself thinking of a million other things to do when it comes time for your workout, you probably have burnout. It comes in stages, first loving every minute at the gym. The next is disenchantment because the results aren’t what you expected. The third stage is the stall, you’ll clean the refrigerator to stall changing into your gym attire and going. Finally, workouts disappear and you’re back to where you were before you started. You can avoid fitness burnout by taking a few steps.

Don’t overdo initially.

While you’re revved and ready for conquering your body and getting in shape as quickly as possible, you tend to overdo and spend every waking minute at the gym. You don’t give yourself time to recover, so you start to get weary and don’t see the results you want. A personal trainer can help you with a program that’s perfect for your specific needs. It gets results faster so you’re less likely to face burnout.

Lack of results can be mentally defeating.

You know you’ve worked your hardest for weeks and yet you haven’t reached your goal and you’re extremely tired. So much for that burst of energy you were hoping to achieve. You start to feel defeated but push yourself to go to the gym, each time feeling less enthusiastic as the previous visit. This is stage two of burnout and on the road to defeat. Trainers not only help you with appropriate workouts that get you the fastest results, they focus on achievable goals and keep you motivated. If you don’t lose weight, but do lose inches, that’s true progress. The trainer knows all the signs that you’re on the right track and if he or she doesn’t see them, the trainer changes the program to one that gets results.

You start looking for reasons not to workout in stage three and ultimately quit.

If you now begin to find small tasks around the house to keep you from working out, such as scrubbing the corner baseboards or polishing your car’s headlamps, you’re deep into burn out country and about to approach stage four, quitting. Boredom often sets in at stage three, which is a huge way a personal trainer can help. The personal trainer keeps the workout fresh and interesting, varying it frequently. It helps prevent boredom, but also reduces the chance of plateauing. Plateauing stops weight loss and comes when the body is too efficient at doing a specific exercise and burns fewer calories.

  • Trainers can help you eat healthier, which also helps you get faster results and keeps you more interested and focused.
  • Having an appointment with a personal trainer will keep you more motivated and coming to the gym to make that appointment. It often gives you the time you need to get results and be more focused.
  • Take a break from working out. If you’re working out seven days a week and doing the same exercises, you’re not giving your muscles a chance to rest and renew.
  • Alternate between the gym and other fun activities that are physical. Whether you ice skate, ski, swim or hike, it’s all good and all exercise. It will help you get fit without getting bored.

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