3 Ways To Build Your Stamina

No matter what your job or athletic passion, you probably look for ways to build your stamina and endurance. I get people who come to the gym specifically to do that. If you’ve spent a lifetime as a couch potato, just doing simple exercises or walking a short distance might produce the need to sit down and rest a bit, so getting into shape where you have extra energy may take a bit longer. The way to build your stamina is to burn more calories. In other words, the more you do, the more energy you have to do more.

Keep your workout fresh and switch it up frequently.

If you’ve never heard of plateauing, it’s when the body becomes efficient at doing a specific movement or movements and burns fewer calories. That happens when you’ve used the same routine for longer than two weeks. If you’re running to build stamina, it works, but if you vary it with other types of exercises between runs, you’ll get faster results. Cross training is one way to avoid plateauing.

Do total body exercises or compound exercises.

While running may be a good exercise, running while pumping dumbbells is even better. Of course, you probably won’t be running down the block pumping iron, but you can do more complex exercises like kettlebells. The more muscles you work at one time, the more energy you build and that means increased endurance and stamina. You’ll also be boosting your fitness in other areas of fitness, such as strength and flexibility.

Pick up the pace.

High intensity interval training—HIIT— is a huge boost to your stamina and overall fitness program. With this type of program, you push hard, but not for long, then give your body about twice as long to rest. To ramp this type of exercise up to the next level, lengthen the fast pace slightly or shorten the easier paced rest period time and move quicker to the next exercise.

  • You don’t have to do HIIT to boost your stamina when you simply pick up the pace when you lift weights. Move faster using lower weights with increased intensity through lifts and you’ll boost your stamina.
  • Resting less between sets will not only get you through the workout quicker, it also helps you build stamina. Rather than talking to your neighbor for a bit, go directly to your next exercise or start it as quickly as you recover from the first.
  • Add some extra strength training to your cardio day.
  • Don’t exercise every day at full maximum. Your body needs time to heal, so you need a day off when you’re going at your maximum. If you want to do something to keep your body moving on a day off, go for a walk.

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